Your privacy is important to the YouChoose team. This policy describes what information is collected by the YouChoose App and how the information is used.

Information we collect

The YouChoose App shows videos by using YouTube services. Therefore it is important to know what information is collected by YouTube. Check the YouTube Privacy Policy for more information on this.

The YouChoose App collects information about how the app is being used. This includes how often the app is opened, on what type of device (brand, model and operation system) the app is being used, what videos are being watched, what channels are subscribed to and what screens are being displayed. Crashes, errors and performance statistics are collected too. We do not collect your exact location or IP address, but we do collect in what country and language the YouChoose App is being used. All the information is collected anonymous and only a aggregated copy (totals and sums) of the information is stored.

How we use your information

The information is only used to understand and improve the App. We will not use the information to build a profile about you, nor will we sell or share any of the collected information to third parties.